The trade moves every year more and more in the direction of the online form. I can be your partner for the proposal of website prototypes, design or for selection of the supplier for programming or copywriting. If you do not want an agency, I would like to offer you my services. Let’s discuss everything straight forward – from deadlines to functionality. You will receive everything in standards from quality code to responsivity.

My recipe for the website, step by step


1. Gathering of background materials and the implementation plan

Summary of all background materials and investigation of the competition. Determination of general objectives of the website, deadlines and gross estimate of the price *.


2. Creation of wireframes and clarification of the content

Creation of wireframes and determination of the website structure without the design itself. In this way, we clarify the content and key parts of the website and do not spend unnecessary time in the design part.


3. Graphical implementation of the visual design

Design of the website. In the gradual interactions, from the introductory webpage through subpages to the full website. The final outcome are structured Photoshop files intended for programmers.


4. Handover of design or the whole website

I submit the design to programmers or I arrange programming for you tailored as part of one service along with the design. Steps 1-4 usually last some 3-8 weeks according to the complexity of the project.

* At the beginning of our cooperation, I will do calculation of the project and we set up together the workload. Another step will be payment of the advance payment in the amount of 60 %. Another 40 % is paid just before the project launch. Aren’t you sure enough? Take a look at the Testimonials of other clients.

Selected webdesign projects

I provide designs for the projects in such a form they are submitted to the client. I am writing this intentionally. Unfortunately, with the operation or unfortunate interventions in administration the current outlook may change.

webdesign of dermaconcept website

DermaConcept Webdesign

The website design for the private dermatological and aesthetic clinics. The work was complex from the logo design, website design, design of flyers, vouchers, labels or business cards.

More details coming soon

webdesign of bespoken website

Bespoken Web & Configurator

The website design of the project with bespoken male and female shirts. Design of the configurator as well as website presentations. Assessment of user testing and design for desktop as well as mobile phone.

More details coming soon

webdesign of bringauto website

BringAuto Autonomous Car

Webdesing of the project of an autonomous car which may deliver packages or stay on its own as a mobile beverages machine. There is even much more behind. Instead of FedEx, this robot will come to you. I made the design from the scratch to the final design.

More details coming soon

webdesign of skelet website

Skelet - Office rental building

Webdesign of the one-page website of a smart house. It is the energy-saving and co-working center and its general presentation. Part of the design would be also design of the booking system.

More details coming soon

webdesign of PKI website

PKI - Professional Furnaces

Website presentation for the company PKI with history already since 1949. PKI is the producer of big industrial furnaces. They have implementations almost all over the world. The aim of the presentation was to introduce their activities and the portfolio in a nutshell.

More details coming soon

webdesign of ahome website

Ahome Webdesign

Webdesign of the e-shop with gift. Complete graphic design of the website from logotype via modification of the extract, detail of the product or further parts.

More details coming soon

webdesign of od karla website

Od Karla - E-shop

A complete solution of the e-shop. It is a second-hand bazar. We had to deal with various situations from the design of the mascot to the solution of the product detail or the mobile phone version. In the project, we dealt also with other things such as proposal of car stickers,
advertisement to the subway or stickers.

More details coming soon

webdesign of kentigen website

Kentigen HR Onepage Design

One-page HR website for the technological company Kentigen. The part of the solution was not only a mini website intended for recruitment but also flyers or roll-up design.

More details coming soon

webdesign of fullart website

FullArt Webdesign

Web design of two simple website presentations with the presentation of activities. FullArt shoots bespoken videos for clients from various fields.

More details coming soon

uniloader website


Web presentation for a unique HW device to update the firmware. Designed from scratch.

More details coming soon


An exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin with additional potential for selling NFTs and more.

More details coming soon

Campingworld Neugebauer

Campingworld Neugebauer

Web presentation of Campingworld Neugebauer for the Czech Republic with a wide range of motorhomes of various brands.

More details coming soon

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