Thank You!

During 17 years, I have had opportunity to work with a range of customers.
Some of them gladly provided their acknowledgement.

Real thanks to real clients for their trust

Adam Pilmaier

marketing specialist

Perfection is in the details! That's why I work with Frank. His work always has an idea, it is original and elaborated in detail. And most importantly, it works. And it doesn't matter if it's a logo, a catalog or the web. Frank really understands not only his craft but also his customers.

Leah Hiller

English Copywriter & Editor

I started working with Mr. Burda on a friend's recommendation, and I couldn't be happier. Throughout the entire process of creating a logo and graphics for my new business, he has thoroughly listened to my wishes and successfully incorporated them into end products that represent my ideas while still following smart marketing practices.

David Smida

hr marketing specialist

We worked in the past with Frank on several projects, from creating a series of pictograms through website graphic design to illustrations and typesetting of a broad booklet. Frank has marketing thinking and can investigate the things which the client does not know that it is a job of the graphic designer. He is then able to propose a solution which is very often better than the original client's vision.

Martina Brazdilova

senior manager & hr + marketing

We have been cooperating with Frank successfully for many years, he has created our complete company identity. He is a great creative worker, he often comes with excellent ideas also regarding the content of the material and he is even able to entertain us. He works the best when being under time pressure so if we want something in time, we always agree on a deadline.

David Hrazdil

nanotechnology expert

We have been cooperating with Frank for a long time. He has made an impression on us with his human and comprehensible approach and then his work also excited and convinced us. Creativity, great ideas, fastness, quality, price and further positive qualities are something we appreciate and that's why our cooperation has been lasting for many years. Thank you for that

Tomas Hofrichter


Cooperation with Frank was exactly how I imagined it. He guided me during all procedures when creating my website from the graphic design perspective in a professional, fast and affordable manner. He recommended me possible approaches for my field and he referred me to his colleagues with further processing of websites who appreciated his outcomes.

Martin Hradecky


Our company Hansen&Klein s.r.o. has demanding customers, so we also need to be demanding for the graphic design and design itself, and we may always entirely rely on Frank Burda – on his accurate communication, creativity and independence and precise tailored outcomes.

Roman Vagner

pr & promotion

I have been cooperating with Frank Burda for several years to my entire satisfaction or to satisfaction of the whole company. I appreciate his professional approach, creativity and ability to tune in everything so that the results are the best possible. And the results are worth it!

Kristina Kredatusová

Internal marketing specialist

Managing projects with Frank is fast, efficient, and high quality. What I value the most is the observance of deadlines and the overlap of his knowledge into other fields. Thanks to that, his work has added value.

Vaclav Danek

Project Manager

Mr. Burda did graphic design for us for more projects and put so much effort into our final full satisfaction. In this way, we could always successfully finalize everything. If I could highlight one characteristics, I appreciate in particular patience Mr. Burda had with us:) I also appreciate his professionalism.

Vaclav Kovarik


If you want to have not only an excellent graphic design but also easy-going work, I would recommend Frank Burda. He is a fine, relaxed graphic designer like who sooths your soul and conjures up a smile on your face – along with precise performance of your job.

Vladimir Vedra

Branch Manager

It is a pleasure to cooperate with Frank. As the real professional, he listens to the client's ideas and based on the instructions, he also points out any possible difficulties of the job and proposes the way of their solution-making. His outcomes we always in the deadline agreed upon to our full satisfaction from the content perspective.

Radek Holik

CEO at KULT and milujemekulturu

I appreciate Frank's creativity and his own outreach which he always includes in his designs. Frank is a graphic designer who not only thinks a lot about the work for his clients but also follows the current world-wide trends which he applies in his designs. I am glad that our work-related cooperation has gradually evolved into friendship.

Jindriska Chaloupkova

NLP Expert

I have been cooperating with Frank in website design and I have always been his faithful customer. He has the exact ingredients a graphical designer needs to have: creative ideas, a good taste, human approach to things and sense of humor.

Pavlina Langerova

HR specialist

How about cooperation with Frank? We have always had open and pleasant meetings with big patience over my creative ideas which he could put into an excellent form.

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