Our projects

We create visual solutions for a wide range of platforms, both digitally and in print. However, one thing is always common: we delve into your project in detail, providing you with a comprehensive financial estimate and a timeline upfront.

Then, we proceed together step by step towards the final product. At the end, you receive an output that fulfills the initial requirements and meets all technical and aesthetic demands.


Hitchat is a unique application where you can communicate with various famous personalities as if they were your friends.


Wildpurr is a BIG web project where you can sell your digital content, buy it, or meet people around you.


For the company GINA, we designed a new website. As always, we started with the wireframe design, followed by the graphical design of the website itself, and then the programming of the entire solution.


Since 2012, we have implemented a wide range of various projects for Tart - European leader in packaging materials.


Competition proposal for the new complex visual style of the town of Tišnov.

Berries & Bows

In this project, we designed a logo for a company that makes women's dresses using the highest quality fabrics.


For the company Mooza (Salesforce specialists), we handled the complete internal corporate design. The goal was always to clarify complex processes in a playful and intuitive manner.


Elbee is a special car for wheelchair users that has no competition in the world. For over 8 years, we worked on various graphic design projects for this venture.

Visuals for Penam

For years, we have been creating various small graphics for internal communication, visions, recruitment department communication, and more for the Penam bakery.

V4 citizens logo

Design of the new V4 (Visegrád Group) logo, which received the highest rating from the expert jury among all the entries in the graphic competition.


In the "Od Karla" project, we have completed a variety of tasks. We worked on website, various printed materials, car decals, promotional materials, banners, icons, different illustrations, and more.

REEV EV charger

Redesign of second-generation REEV charging stations. We visually unified the family of small, medium, and large chargers into a single design language, which can be consistently applied across the portfolio, making it always clear that these are REEV products.


Extended collaboration with the city district "Brno-střed," where we implemented various design adjustments to improve visual communication for this part of Brno.