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Company identity is what you imagine in your head when you see a logo, colours or typography. Let’s sort it out together. I help companies from the scratch or we refresh the current style if needed. We will analyse your competitors and find out how you can be better. In the final proposal, you will get an ecosystem from business cards to catalogues or website solutions. 

Our objective is a balanced visual form, which will help you increase trustworthiness and transmit to your clients correctly the vision of your work.

Logo design concept
Logo design concept
Logo design concept

My recipe for the visual style, step by step

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1. Surveys, Scenarios and the Business Intention

We will discuss carefully your business intention both for your new project and re-design of the current brand. We will take a look at the competitors and state the preferences to your new style. *

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2. Initial Proposals and Discussion

I will introduce your first set, where there will be up to three versions of your logo stylisations or the whole style. Each one has its own purpose. Thanks to them it will become clear how you will proceed.

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3. Modification of pre-approved versions

In the next step, we will modify your favourite model from the previous step. It includes possibilities of use, planned apps and possibilities of commissioning. This and the previous step usually means 2-5 mutual revisions.

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4. Handover of the final version in the scope agreed upon

In the conclusion, you will get the set of logotypes or materials agreed upon with definitions of colours, gaps, fonts and use of the key elements. Then, don’t be shy to start with application both in printing and electronically. The design usually takes some 3-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

* At the beginning of our cooperation, I will do calculation of the project and we set up together the workload. Another step will be payment of the advance payment in the amount of 60 %. Another 40 % is paid just before the project launch. Aren’t you sure enough? Take a look at the Testimonials of other clients.

Selected logo & identity projects

ZLKL Corporate identity

ZLKL Visual Style

A long-term client for whom I have managed to prepare the graphic design of all important parts of the presentation. We have implemented redesign of the logotype together, design of various website presentations etc. Furthermore, we have planned design for exhibitions, trade fairs, billboards or newspaper advertisement or social networks.

More details coming soon

Tart Corporate identity and visual style

Tart - websites, leaflets, prints

It has been collaboration for eight years with one of the biggest producers of packing materials in Europe. During our collaboration, we have sorted out the visual style of various divisions of the company, flyers, banners, websites or logotypes of products.

More details coming soon

Round 120 Corporate identity

Round 120 Logotype

It is the design of the logotype for a bank which will operate in Slovakia. We have decided to go the path of simplicity and legibility. The final symbol and the logo cannot be substituted with other organisations, it is distinct and bright.

More details coming soon

PKI Corporate identity and logo

PKI - Logo & new visual style

PKI is a producer of industrial furnaces with the history from 1949. We have modified the logo together and thus helped to bring more distinct character and aesthetics. Currently, we are working on a series of further changes for establishing the new image of the company – for instance, the new website.

More details coming soon

Natureon Corporate identity

Natureon - New Logotype

Detail design of the logotype. Hand-drafted version of the logo which was finalized after dozens of revisions. The outcome is interesting from the aesthetic perspective and will maturely fit to the overall corporate branding.

More details coming soon

Mooza Corporate identity

Mooza - Various Designs

We work together on modification of the company style and graphic design. We have designed visual style for Internet campaigns, landing page or complete design of the price list of services.

More details coming soon

IB filtr Corporate identity

IB Filtr - Brand Redesign

We have done modification of the visual style for the company focused on the filtration systems and accessories to the industry. We have discussed a series of modifications from logo revisions through stamps up to the main catalogue or car stickers.

More details coming soon

elbee Corporate identity

Elbee - 7 Years Of Various Designs

Elbee was our heart thing. It was mainly the project of the car intended for wheelchair persons. The project is on sale now and this does not change anything on the fact that we have created a tons of promotional materials over seven years – from handbooks, the website, configurator, solutions for trade fairs or gift items.

More details coming soon

Brno Střed Corporate identity

Visual Identity Brno-střed

It is an older project with the aim to clear and unify the scattered visual style of the municipality Brno-střed. As part of the project, we discussed everything from the design of printed matters, banners, website, smaller logotypes, information leaflets and maps.

More details coming soon

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